About Panel Quotes (PanelQuotes.com)

Panel Quotes is a subsidiary of QualQuant Signals (www.QualQuantSignals.com). QualQuant Signals is a ‘Customer Listening Company’ that helps companies by delivering actionable insights to sustain and grow. QualQuant Signals is continuously engaged to bring innovation to the consumer insights / market research industry. We see ourselves as leaders to enhance rigor in market research using latest and emerging technology trends.

Panel Quotes is one of our latest innovation brought to the market research industry. The core principle behind Panel Quotes is to positively disrupt and change the way survey panel is bought and sold.

An IT enabled service solving a lengthy, ineffective and cumbersome process driven problem…

For Panel Buyers

  • A central platform giving you access to a wide range of panel suppliers.
  • Ability to review quotes and purchase economically.
  • No more searching for that low incidence panel. Submit request and get quotes.

Panel Sellers

  • You get access to bottom of the funnel buyers (ready to buy).
  • Ability to grow customer base and revenue.
  • Unlimited business opportunities on a daily basis. Buyers come to you.

Our innovation lab is open everyday to keep moving market research forward using latest technology tools. More innovation to come.

Founder – Hemen Patel
Principal – QualQuant Signals